A Simple Seating “Add-on” Solution to Help Travelers Avoid the Health Issues of Impaired Circulation


“When traveling, lack of mobility can cause poor circulation in your feet.”


“Before boarding, reinvigorate your body and get your blood pumping.”


One of the Top 5 Innovations at the 2019 ACI-NA Annual Conference & Exhibition

Airports Council International - North America

Tampa International Airport hosted this year’s ACI-NA Annual Conference & Exposition held at the Tampa Convention Center, where product reps and business owners from all over the world came together this week to show off some of the most cutting-edge airport innovations on the market. The BodyCharger was selected in the Top 5 (number 2 in fact) of all the innovations at the show.

Here is an excerpt:

“The BodyCharger is a ‘whole body vibration’ machine that airports can offer as a foot rest in waiting areas…30 seconds of this left our feet and legs feeling refreshed and ready to run again. We didn’t even have to remove our shoes.”

See the complete list and review here.

The BodyCharger is a patent pending “whole-body vibration” machine designed to “turbo-charge” the circulatory system through a technique called Biomechanical Muscle Stimulation. It’s scientifically calibrated to cause feet and leg muscles to reflexively contract at the rate of 30 times per second.


Rudy Byron, Jr. M.D.

Passive Exercise

According to Dr. Rudy Byron, MD, one of the results of using the BodyCharger is an increase in circulation and stimulation of the neuromuscular junction to increase delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.




Convenient Electrical Device Charging

Device Charging Portal

The BodyCharger also provides Electrical Device Charging. Each unit is equipped with an electrical outlet and USB portals so travelers can charge electrical devices and enhance their health at the same time.

“Shoes-On” Foot and Leg Massage

The BodyCharger provides travelers with instant stress relief and feels wonderful. It’s the best “Shoes-On” foot and leg massage you ever had!

Healthy Airport Revenue

BodyChargers are designed to complement existing airport seats and turns that seating space into profit!  We work on a hassle-free revenue sharing arrangement and send you a check each month. There is no cost or expense to your airport.

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