Low Intensity Exercise

Body Charger Cube
Body Charger Stand

Ideal for offices, hotels, clinics, nursing homes, employee breakrooms, gyms and home use.

Supplement fitness and turbocharge circulation every day.

Realize Many of the Benefits of Exercise Without Working Out

Passive Exercise

The “low intensity, high frequency” vibration of the Body Charger provides many of the same benefits as physical exercise. The vibration technology we incorporate in every Body Charger is calibrated to 30 to 60 rotations per second. This is the optimal range to provide health and wellness throughout the entire body.

The Body Charger is the ideal solution when you are unable to work out due to physical limitations, or as a supplement to your regular exercise routine. In fact, the Body Charger Cube was designed to deliver passive exercise benefits for individuals unable to stand for any length of time.

Combat Fatigue and Boost Energy

Combat Fatigue

The Body Charger is a unique, compact, on-site health benefit that employers can offer their teams to boost energy, enhance job performance, and supplement overall wellness – in just minutes. Scheduled breaks can now be wellness sessions with benefits to employees beyond the workplace.

87% of adults suffer from minor to severe lower extremity muscle pain causing distractions that can affect job performance. With shoes on, the Body Charger provides immediate relief in minutes using a sophisticated technology called whole-body vibration. This special form of vibration, “low intensity, high frequency,” is scientifically calibrated to cause muscles to reflexively contract. This “passive exercise” boosts circulation and naturally energizes the body.

Create Excitement in Your Workplace

Create Excitement in Your Workplace

The Body Charger can put everyone in top form and fits easily in any break room or communal space. In just minutes with this “passive exercise,” employees get many of the same health benefits of “active” exercise without joints taking a beating. With a periodic circulation boost on the Body Charger, feet and legs are revitalized, mood is enhanced, and employees are more alert and perform tasks better.

  • Turbocharge Circulation
  • Enhance Mood
  • Relieve Stress Instantly
  • Reduce Sick Days
  • Increase Alertness
  • Reduce Fatigue